Apparent Failure

Sometimes we seem to fail, and then the good Lord vindicates us.  In elementary school a fellow was picking on my brother in the next grade below me.  I caught him after school, and asked what the problem was.  He replied by catching me on the left cheek with a roundhouse right, and then ran.  I’m not going to pretend that at that age (eighth grade) I knew the story of turning the other cheek but I let him go.

Four years later I was a senior and my antagonist a junior.  I was standing with a group of seniors talking when an underclassman ran up to my friend Virgil and complained that a junior was picking on him.  I spotted my antagonist of four years ago right away, and had him in a headlock in seconds.  As I bore him to the asphalt there was a tap on my shoulder.  It was my beloved physics teacher, Brother Augustine, who conducted me to the principal.  I explained what I was doing, and the principal let me go with an admonition.  Now I keep telling you, the Lord takes his time.

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