Cane or Walker?

The thing about having a cane is you’re constantly in fear of losing it by leaving it someplace you’ve stayed.  I have left premises, only to realize I didn’t have it and gone back to find some kind person had put it aside for me.  That’s how it went when I returned my rented Enterprise car, and they had already rented it out again.  But the agent looked in back of the office, and there it was.  They had checked the car before renting it out again, and put it aside.  I say that’s Western Civilization.

As Jonathan Cahn (leader of Jews for Jesus) might say, those are the people who take up the slack left by the People of the Promise.  Those Western people have carried the burden for two thousand years, and done pretty well with it.  I mean a man on the moon is nothing to be sniffed at.

The trick is to work with what God gives you.  You don’t believe you were given a lot?  The fact that you’re reading this is proof already, not counting your next meal, and the starry sky you’ll see on your way home.

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