The Diet

I love the Mediterranean diet, especially the Italian one.  Of course, in my lifetime I’ve gotten used to several, thank God, and never to the starvation diet common in other parts of the world.  There was the Swiss diet, (somewhat Teutonic), and the American, so plentiful.  There are vegetables galore in all of them, and I stayed healthy.

I though being Swiss right back to Caesar’s time would make me immune to the bad effects of too much cheese.  Wrong.  I needed a quadruple coronary by-pass operation in 2013.  Now I’m on the By-pass diet, which is adequate but less fun.  Hey, what do I want, heaven on earth?

I just made a Swiss plum pie, the kind they sell in the Jungfrau Joch, in the restaurant above the timber line.  I accidentally had thrown out the recipe, so I improvised from the American Joy of Cooking book.  I made the custard from memory.  The taste tells me I’m still an amateur.

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