October 13

Yesterday we commemorated the 103rd anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima.  It was predicted by three children, the oldest no more than ten, to prove they had seen the Virgin Mother at Fatima.  It   happened on Oct. 13, the same day the Russian Revolutionaries met in Moscow.

One of the predictions was that until the faithful turned to prayer, atheistic Communism would rule the world.  It did.  We foresee the ascent of ideologies just as bad, and that was why we met during this pandemic.  The prayer of choice was the rosary.

Jesus warned about repetitive prayer, but since the rosary on a mature level is meditation, with the prayer acting as a mantra, we humble human beings continue to say it.  According to the Blessed Mother at Fatima, heaven not only puts up with it, she encourages it.

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