New Gadget

Sometimes when I barely brush the screen, the picture changes, and other times I can pound it with my thumb and nothing happens.  The phone is a gift of my son, to help me get rides from Uber when the trip is more than I can handle or Loretta has the car.  I am eternally grateful for his intention.  But hey, Steve Jobs invented this gadget?  I don’t have $500 for something like that.

It doesn’t even come with an instruction booklet.  I know, there are people who use it and who learned by themselves.  But I don’t have time like that to play with it.  It proposes to do all kinds of things that I don’t want when I’m trying to make a phone call.  Isn’t a phone call its primary function?

I think Steve Jobs wanted to humble guys like me.  We made him feel belittled with our quotes from literature and the Bible.  He didn’t know he was working in an environment created by us.  He would never have gotten anywhere if someone hadn’t taught him to read.

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