What does your soul, your animus, if you will, do when faced with an opportunity before you are ready?  Consternation? Frustration?  Be at peace.  So many of Nature’s phenomena are cyclical, that is they’ll occur again, and you’ll even be culturally richer the next time.  Notice I didn’t say monetarily, but let that go its own way.

I didn’t embark on a teaching career seeking to be rich.  But I got an overflow of experience.  That is nicer to think about in old age than lost riches.  You can’t always keep the material you gain, but the immaterial or spiritual is yours forever.

What?  How can you count the immaterial?  How can you store it?  I still meet people I knew back when, and I still enjoy their company.  I never flaunted a Rolls Royce or wore a Patek-Phillipe, studded with diamonds, on my wrist.  But who cares?

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