The Final Word

This morning I met a widow in our development, recently bereft of her husband and son, and I chatted with her awhile.  She is notorious for resorting  to racy language when irritated, so I was careful to be civil.  She expressed a longing to see her husband again, and confessed, as so many of us do, a hope in the afterlife.  That one sentence established her friendship with me, and she is now a benefactor of my prayers.

I saw her children look after her, for she had a new, four-wheel walker (as do I, whose wife goes out of her way for me).  Blessed be those who take care of the aged, for that is a difficult time span to connoiter.  I returned to my domicile where I keep myself occupied with things like writing my blog.

Life keeps me busy with household chores, too, for I want to live up to my ambition to be of service to my wife for our remaining years.  There’s no impetus like what we call The Word.

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