Modern Living

I got Student Office, and paid for it twice, because the first time I cancelled it when I didn’t realize I’d gotten it (to Save, the files). Now I have to put up with all kinds of weird things in my text – double lines, things I don’t want.  It’s all part of owning a PC.

But the payoff is I get to write a blog, and publish it.  There is something about modern technology that’s amazing, if you get it right.  I love to compose for my fans.  She (or he) reads my blog every day.  It’s great to feel accepted.

The good Lord has given me this gift in my old age – a PC.  And now my blessed son got me an iPhone!  I mean, how much technology can a man who was raised with a ballpoint and paper put up with?  I’ll revert to the meadows and the wild flowers, and the oaks, maples and natural springs.

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