Jesus Christ, Superstar

Surely Andrew Lloyd Webber, the author of the above musical and Evita, deserves to be mentioned with the same breath as Rogers and Hammerstein.  I’m sorry I missed Jesus Christ Superstar, but I will always remember the haunting “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina.” A writer for the dying New York Times brought this song out in relation to our President, Donald Trump.  He’s a bit of an actor, don’t you think?

I don’t know how this President could have endured as much approbation and insult as he did.  Surely, unlike Biden, he’s made of steel.  I did see Evita, and was impressed by the artistry of Andrew Lloyd Webber.  If he lives long enough, he may write a musical named Trump.  It’ll be a tear-jerker, that’s for sure.  We humans are not devoid of feeling.

Suffering touches the human (and I emphasize human) heart.  There are some among us who have little feeling, some about whom you can wonder how they grew up.  Maybe suffering does purify the heart.  Like gold, we have to undergo fire to reach perfection.

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