A Divine Favor

Hi, I’m back.  I had the computer repaired by Geeks on Site, and while I’d like to say things are back to normal, I still can’t log onto my email.  Which brings up the subject of time.   All these things take time.  Time is not what I have plenty of anymore.  Life is such a great gift, and we only have a certain amount of time, so I did what I could with it.

Meeting the right people is part of it, and believe me, I met the right ones.  From my parents to my teachers, to my brothers, wife, nephews and nieces, they were all God-sent.  And my three sons, where did God find such perfectly human beings?  They weren’t perfect, but in Yiddish there’s a word for them—Menschen. And I met some fantastic friends.  I look forward to spending an eternity with all of them.

Yes, I believe.  I believe I know the teacher who taught me to believe as well as his mother did – and that was two thousand years ago.  I have read, studied and meditated on him, and thank God that was not omitted from my life, for I think every human alive has heard something of him.  I acknowledge the divine favor.

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