I was looking for the Optimum office, and after misjudging on which side of a six-lane road it should be (no turns permitted) I found it was closed. (Covid, undoubtedly).  So I tried the phone, although I never have any luck with these pre-recorded messages.  They said they’d call me back.

It’s been quite an adventure getting a hacked computer repaired, and costly — $180.  But the email sale of my book continues, if I can  convince an agent it’s worth it.  Prayers to that effect may be answered, as I never know what good surprises God has in store for me.

There are many influences in this life beside my own input, darkened by my evolutionary limits.  I’m sure the Lord understands, as author of it all.  So I smile and am grateful for a successful son who makes everything I did in raising him look right and wonderful.

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