Material and Immaterial

We say in the Apostle’s Creed: “Creator of Heaven and Earth.”  That could mean Creator of the immaterial and material, though Heaven is not all immaterial.  We know, from partially immaterial things, like the Higgs boson, which is on the borderline, that the immaterial need not exist alone.  The material, after all, does not exist alone either.  Haven’t you had a thought lately?

The immaterial likely has an influence on the material, witness Lourdes and Guadalupe, and for us, that is all to the good.  That there are wonders in the world we live in is something we know since we are conscious, and I accept that as one of the rigors of sanity.

We’ve all touched the borders of insanity; it’s part of being alive.  May I stay within the bounds of sanity to my dying day.

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