The Good Neighbor

You don’t have to lose your values to be a good neighbor.  Just perform a service.  This is a prayer for those locked down in a nursing home or hospital.

                                                            The Lord’s Freedom

Oh, Father of all, if it pleases you that for a while I surrender the freedom

That you gratuitously granted me,

I can bear it, for the sake of my loved ones and for your sake,

Who has granted me health, appetite, and sustenance.

To be able to speak to you and thank you for all you have done

Is freedom enough for now.

I look forward to the ultimate freedom you have promised

To those who trust in you.

I take you at your word,

For your word is as good as the eons leading up to this moment.

Were you a false prophet, you could not have changed the history

Of civilization the way you did – believer by believer.

For you not only granted freedom from sin,

But freedom from anguish, some pain, and animosity.

Freedom from many adverse consequences,

And last of all, freedom from death.

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