Do I Have It in Me?

Failure is something we try to avoid.  So before starting a new project, the New Testament (Christ) advises you to consider your resources and those of your opponent personified (the devil).  Do I have the perseverance?  Do I have the knowledge?  Do I have the strength, the skill?  Can I withstand the criticism?  Or as Donald Trump might have asked, do I have the judgment?

Of course you have to expect some failure in life.  Sometimes it takes a lifetime to recover.  But if you sowed good seed, and helped people, I think it was worth it. In the heavenly kingdom, which begins here, intentions count, besides the results.  You wanted to be a Christian, a Catholic, so appraise the opposition.  You know where to get help, and auxiliary forces sometimes win the battle.

Yes, parts of this life are a battle, at least that’s what the Swiss in me, which comes from a long past warrior tradition, says.  Sit up, there!  The vanguard is calling!  Sound the drum!  Unfurl the banners.  Hold the halberd tight!

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