We don’t take to change kindly. We’ve been fighting this President for about three years now, and he’s taken it like it comes with the job, like a trooper. We don’t like him expressing his innermost thoughts publicly (tweets) and we don’t like his past indiscretions. They have been publicized for all to see. He’s used to the way of money, and hasn’t developed a conscience of any proportion yet. We don’t know if such a change is now taking place inside of him. He’s certainly getting enough criticism and opprobrium. One thing is certain — his critics are being seen as small-minded and petty as only two thousand years ago.

But his judgment has failed. He self-destructed. For a while he had the popular support, because he said the right things, and he did the right things. A man is judged more by his actions than words. He was a phenomenon in our day and will long be remembered for all the emotions he stirred.

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