The Holy Spirit

Catholics call that aspect of God which is the source of truth and knowledge the Holy Spirit.  To distort the truth about anyone, as the Washington Post and the New York Times have been doing for the past four years, is the kind of offense that calls for repercussions, and those two newspapers are paying in a decrease in readership.  Truth is something godly, and bias and lies are ungodly.

A newspaper is one of the essentials of self-government, for people need a basis on which to base actions and attitudes.  Like any government entity, they need reliable information, based on the truth.  If a newspaper can’t sustain that requirement, it is as good as failed.  The travel section will not be enough to support it.

I am sure there are many young reporters who want to write the unvarnished truth, and are not permitted by the ownership of the newspaper.  This unfortunate situation is a corruption of the ideals of good journalism, and degrades the status of the dedicated journalist.

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