Sail Like the Flying Cloud

Today I retrieved my car after quickly bringing it to the dealer to fix a number of items that fell amiss during these pandemic days.  The bill was just a few dollars over $1,000.00  Note: I’m still waiting for my ship to come in.

That term dates back to New England’s Flying Cloud days (clipper ships) when locals invested on ships that sailed to China and came back with treasures in spices and cloth.  Only I’ve invested in a talent, which, sadly, hasn’t yet bloomed to the proportions I’d like.

The Lord is good, however, and with his help I may snatch success from the jaws of disaster.  History tells us how Beethoven would never have composed like he did (the famous Ninth Symphony is considered revolutionary) if he had not fallen deaf.  I may be on the road to deafness, but I’m not a composer.

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