The Other Woman

There have been many men who told people what to think.  This is sort of risky, because our minds are where we go insane.  Karl Marx taught us how to think, and look at the insanity that produced – Communism.  One man had tremendous success in teaching us what to think.  It resulted in Western Civilization.  That man was Jesus Christ.

He even risked more; he taught us what not to think.  That is harder, because the mind goes where it lists.  Only He could do this safely.  He told married men not to think of the other woman.  That was too close to committing adultery.  And adultery is the sin that messes up innocents’ lives and the lives of those involved.

He also taught us to give.  Giving the other woman eternal happiness (salvation) is far greater than giving her a night on the town.  It is worth some sacrifice on the man’s part.

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