The Great Adventure

Listen, if physicists are free to conjecture about the material universe (multiple universes), then I am free, as a literary maven (English teacher), to conjecture about immaterial things.  It seems to me that if the creator of the universe existed before time (time is one of his inventions), then, since the Big Bang, we are on a great adventure.

The creator of this adventure wouldn’t stop until he had made a conscious being who could appreciate what he’d done, and who could create with him, too.  Not only that, he’d reward him for all his sufferings with a happy eternal life.  This reward is granted for a few, simple demands, the chief of which is belief.  Sounds interesting to me.

I am happy with my lot in this scheme.  I won’t worry about my long-gone friends and cherished ones, because I know life, at least for some of the created, for those who understand and believe, is forever.

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