Nature Sitting

There were times when I took the Scouts on an outing every month, Winter or Summer, and only once did the parents have to rescue us.  We were at an abandoned estate (now the TOB Golf Course) and there was snow on the ground.  We were sleeping in our winterized tents when the weather changed to rain and a howling wind.  I couldn’t drive new stakes into the frozen ground and the wind was blowing down our tents.  How to stay dry?

It was three in the morning and my wife, Loretta, got the call.  She had access to all the Troop phone numbers.  We got home and dried out the tents in our basements.  When I sit out on the patio now the weather is different.  I hear robins and blue jays and admire the buds opening in the sunshine.

It’s good to taste as much of God’s creation as is safe.  My scouts got the grand tour, and I don’t think they’ll ever doubt God’s menu, God’s selection, that we love to taste on a nice day.

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