Retiree Energy

There I was, with a 50×20 foot tarpaulin, and my goal was to get it folded, by myself, because I knew my wife would have objections on the basis of storing something soiled in one of our closets.  When faced with a stunning challenge to my intellect, my usual resource was a prayer to the Holy Spirit, the Supreme Intellect.  It worked.

I spent the balance of my time organizing the cords that I had used to keep the tarp in place during the winter so they could be reused.  I wound them into a ball as I had seen my wife do with yarn, though it didn’t work as well with string.

Those are the pastimes of the retiree, putting his declining energy to good use.  I still think about the woman who laughed when I mentioned eternal life.  What would she have said to the physics dictum: matter can neither be created nor destroyed?

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