Occam’s Razor

My son and I were discussing possible solutions to a problem, when he mentioned Occam’s Razor, a medieval Franciscan friar’s solution.  The “law” states that given several solutions to a problem, the right one is usually the simplest.  Einstein had a predilection for such answers.

I was given my first Covid 19 shot by a pharmacist.  I didn’t feel a thing.  Now the question is: did he actually give me the shot or did he save the vial for someone else?

The simplest answer is that he has a soft touch in administering shots, and like some people, I didn’t feel it.  The needle ran a happy course through the muscle.  That would be the simplest answer.  Am I right, or scammed?  What is the Christian answer to this problem?  I’m going for the second shot tomorrow.

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