Easter to Come

It was a case of déjà vu, going for my second Covid 19 shot, and the pharmacist had the syringe filled to 1 ml. (instead of .5 ml.) but who knows, this was the second shot.  With millions of shots and all kinds of givers, it’s a wonder there weren’t more mistakes.  Most of them were probably undetectable.

My fate, or providence, has been in the hands of God since time unremembered, and has come out all right.  I am going to prepare for Easter now, and as my son laughingly suggested, I can now hide my own Easter eggs, because I won’t remember where I hid them (not quite that bad yet).

We can enjoy with little fear of harm in Western Civilization.  The Supreme Judaic lamb has been sacrificed, never again to die, and I write this with peace and joy.  Happy Easter.

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