Good Will

I found out my hacker was from Nigeria, using a female name, Melissa Dobbs (I can’t believe someone that nasty is a woman).  The fellow who helped me fix my email asked me to pray for him when I offered to pay (He works for Yahoo!).    There are some terrifically honest people in this world.

I think Western Civilization has made its wonderful progress because of people like that.  Everybody progresses when you work with those people.  My wife and I passed a stop-light beggar on the way to East New York.  It was difficult to give him something because our light had just turned green, so she dropped a green bill in the roadway.  He got it.

Some people make out that way, since there are always those with the generosity of God.  You’ve surely heard about a waitress or waiter who gets the two-thousand dollar tip.  May you get a gift like that!

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