The Preparation

We got up early Holy Saturday morning, for my wife was determined that Paula, my daughter-in-law, wouldn’t have to cook this Covid 19 Easter.  Yesterday she’d ordered food from Phil’s, the local Italian restaurant, and sandwiches from The Village Hero to supplement that.  You can believe it, she was tired when we delivered the goods at 10:30 a.m.  My wife’s eighty-two.

My granddaughter got bracelet construction toys and an Easter basket as we met outside their house, taking due precaution during the pandemic, and had a nice chat in the freezing temperature.  It wasn’t a bad prelude to Easter, when you consider that many are without food and drink during these calamitous times.  It is not enough to pray for them.

But prayer is part of it.  It takes me a little over half an hour to say a rosary, that prayer I say after reading about the apparitions at Fatima, Portugal.

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