Life’s Contrasts

Balancing my checkbook is no longer a strong point.  But let the bank beware; any shortfall in my account is attributed to the bank.  I recently paid a few extra dollars to get national park pictures on my checks, and was sadly disappointed.  The pictures had to be weak washouts in order to make the pen script visible by contrast.

Speaking of contrast, I’ll forever have to appear weaker than I am in order for my students to appear stronger.  Just recently they razed Nicky Contra’s restaurant and motel near where I live.  It had been in litigation for years while Nick abided in Sing-Sing for financial crimes against his fellow Long Islanders.  Nick was a former student of mine, upright and teachable, but things went wrong.  There are some mysteries of human nature that took a colossal effort from the Son of Man to atone for.

Do find out that divine intervention averted some fantastic, not necessarily crimes, but mistakes on my part.  I owe much to the seemingly accidental acts of God.  For that I am forever his debtor.

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