We Do for Others

I got my shots, two of them, but I still expect people to wear a mask. The vaccine is expected to be good for nine months, and is not 100% effective.  I expect to be 100% effective, despite my age.  I don’t recall what I’m going to be effective about, but that’s the privilege of age.

It’s mostly for others that we wear masks.  It’s for others that I wore a tie and jacket when I started work back in 1961, and my students were in no danger of a coronavirus.  Some of us still have to learn that in Western Civilization we do things for others, like the adolescent Salutatorian who wants to wear a Halloween costume to give her speech here on Long Island.

So she was mentally ill at one time.  She’s still under the tutelage of parents and teachers.  Where’s their common sense, their age-earned wisdom?

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