Faulkner and Me

There was a time when writing was like crawling over broken glass, as I believe William Faulkner said, but with the blogs I’m writing today, it’s like a watch at the helm.  For a Long Islander, I’ve had very few chances at the wheel of a sailboat, even my brother Rudy’s sloop, so mostly I’ve left that pleasure to him.  I have, however, matched wits with the devil, and the joy of beating him (thanks to the Holy Spirit) is intense.

Nine of my eleven published books are on Amazon, and I had all sorts of feelings writing them.  No frustration, though, but my first book was bought by a British publisher, who paid me only half the agreed-on price.  That book made it onto the American market as Raising Your Future, a slightly different title.

I like to take credit for all this work, but the credit really belongs to Christ, who in the gospel promises answers to prayers.  I’ve always prayed, and in some really difficult situations at that.                               

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