He Was a Good Boy

This compliment, offered for my brother, Rudy, at his death, mystified me at first.  After all, his was a six-foot, eight-inch frame, and he was eighty-two years old.  But I could see it might refer to a youthful genuineness, a forthrightness that is sometimes lost with age.  It might also refer to a respect for moral principle that is sometimes gone with maturity.

We like to hear it about those who have passed, especially the feminine version, where it would refer to that innocent charm that is so becoming in women.  There are many charms of youth that we should not lose.

It is believed that after the bodily resurrection we will have not only our best physical attributes, but all the enchanting virtues we acquired in such a hard-won way during life.  So here’s to a life immortal for all of us.

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