Divine Mercy Needed

It’s called Divine Mercy Sunday, the Sunday after Easter, and it was promulgated by a nun who washed dishes.  She was a simple but dedicated religious, and in a vision she saw how the modern world was in need of forgiveness.  Ross Douthat, the New York Times columnist, reports that as a nation we have fallen from 70% to 43% professing a recognized religion in about seven years’ time.

While that does not sound good, although we have less professed Christians, Jews and Moslems, people still hold to the values of Western Civilization.  The only trouble is, who will teach the upcoming generations?  Christianity was spread.  I, myself, have ancestors who were converted by Irish monks.

I have an innate confidence that the Creator of this beautiful world will raise up people to bring us back.  What, after all, is the pandemic accomplishing?  Don’t tell me you see nothing but chaos.

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