Daily Bread

Every day, in saying the Our Father, I repeat, “Give us this day our daily bread.”  Today, I had to stop at the Pasta-eria in Plainview.  I saw some Calzones in the showcase, and being told it was chicken inside, I bought one and they put it in the oven.  It appeared to be a combination of Southern fried chicken, tomato sauce, and moozzarella cheese folded into a tasty pizza dough, so since it was lunch time I enjoyed a new variation of daily bread.

Intrigued when I got back to the car, my wife asked for a taste, so I shared it with her.  Yes, she liked it.  She had bought us some soda (Coca Cola and Sprite) and our daily bread was far from boring.

An omnipresent heavenly father is much more fun than some European philosopher’s chaos, like the one who thinks creation is an absurdity.  Admittedly, sometimes I’m stymied too, but I don’t think satisfying my tastes was a primary goal of creation – bringing me into existence was challenge enough.  I can develop my tastes whatever way I like, and hope it makes sense.

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