Biden and bidin’

Biden is bidin’ his time.  The verb biding comes from the Old High German, bitan, to waitLike the lapsed Catholic that he is, Biden is waiting to reap his earthly goods from China. While Latino immigrants were his hope of salvation — they were the one thing Trump didn’t do better– now there are accusations that pedophiles have infiltrated the Border staff, and Biden’s attempt to win the public’s approval is on shaky ground.

He is a politician, used to mounting the high ground in what the Left likes: Planned Parenthood, overly generous government spending, friendship with nations who don’t have America’s standing in mind.  Not much has been said about his son Hunter’s deals with China and the Ukraine.  But he wants to be one of those politicians who leave office wealthier than when they entered.

Sure, we are all corrupted by this world, the media no less than those they report on.  So this brief article is really nothing new; it is merely a reality fix.

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