I had breakfast at the IHop in Manhasset this morning.  I told my companion (my wife) that about 100 yards east of where we were sitting, on Northern Boulevard, my brothers and I erected a lemonade stand in the spring of 1944, and sold our drink to the passersby.  It was right at the entrance to South Strathmore, where Levitt & Sons had their headquarters (Abraham Levitt & Sons built all the Strathmores and Vanderbilt sections of Manhasset plus Levittown).

For me the breakfast was like old-home day, as I described the arching water fountain the Levitts had in front of their office.  There was not much traffic on Northern Boulevard in 1944 (World War II was coming to a close) and I have no idea how much money we made.  My mother helped us with the lemonade (God bless her, she was a Den Mother during those years) and then there was the brief hike from home to Northern Blvd.

Other people were not as blessed as we were during those years.  I ask God to even things out, as he does, in His heavenly Kingdom.

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