A high school friend of mine, George Areson, recently attended the graduation of his son, Daniel, from medical school.  This is a great accomplishment not only for Daniel, but for George, who managed to put Daniel through medical school.  I never forget the parents, who not only had to do everything right in raising the young doctor, but had to sacrifice hard earned money and say the right things to educate him.

Doctors perform a great service to humankind, and while it was a means to earn a good living at one time, many now find it difficult to break even financially.  With the pandemic, the whole profession are heroes.  In some countries there was little if any help from the government, and doctors were the first line of defense.

This is a tribute not just to doctors, but to nurses and all medical workers, such as ambulance drivers.  Humans who sacrifice their lives for others have been recognized as heroes, especially since 33 AD.

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