A Time for Prayer

There have been times when my world appeared bleak, and stifling like a North Sea sleet storm.  Those were especially the times I resorted to prayer.  It was as though, within my heart, not mind, was a miniature Jesus, calming the storm and helping me catch fish.  After that, I’d make it to land, and get my feet on the ground.

Joyful days would inevitably return, and so would the sun.  It’s good to be able to look back and realize those bleak days are now just memories.  How did I pray?

I spoke to the author of the universe as eloquently as I could, and thanked him for his son.  He was a mensch.  Some people just liven up whatever they touch.  And with a whole universe to get lost in, who wouldn’t be occupied?  And then there’s the rosary. 

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