The New Levittown

It seemed to turn out fine, I mean the community built for the returning WWII veterans; houses built to sell for $7,500 each.  Some people said it would turn into a slum.  Let them look at it now (if they’re still alive), to see all the changes wrought in these chalets, so that some of them now sell for $900,000.

Levittown now has an excellent school system, and civic pride.  It also has Pat’s, an Italian-owned barber shop where you can get a haircut for $8, from either an old pro or a young inexperienced one.  There are gradations in between.  Each section of Levittown has its own community pool, and swimming competitions among the young.  Levitt knew what he was building, and he was right on track.

The citizens have achieved laurels for those who grew up in Levittown.  There’s Bill O’Reilly, Steve Israel, and Billy Joel.  The town is known all over the globe for Levitt’s innovation in building.  If it’s a new venture, with imagination, spirit, intellect and verve, it happens in America! 

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