Teach ‘Em When They’re Ready

He was a boy when as a father I made my impressions on his life, but he returns them with gratitude.  I made most of my impressions as his scoutmaster, and now it’s my turn for gratitude.  I am an old fogey now, and he was at my apartmenet this morning to run some errands for us.  (My wife is incapacitated with a broken foot and I’m recovering from a fall.)

I hope every father wants to see his son grow up to be the man he is.  He’s generous and caring, not just to us, but to his wife, daughter, people we know, people he meets.  He’s the gentleman of Judeo-Christian Civilization.

Someone once asked him, what was the best thing you learned at the university? Now, mind you, he went to one of the best Eastern U.S. universities.  The questioner persisted: the most exciting thing?  Without batting an eye, he replied:

“The best things I learned were in scouts.”

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