New venues are opening up to us right up to the last one, after death.  Eternal life sounds so thrilling to me, and as a university trained man, I have investigated its credibility, though I am not convinced it’s meant for everyone.  That depends on how you interpret the words of the Son of the Creator.  (You know, Big Bang and what follows.)

It is said you can know a man by what he does.  You might say you can know a creator by what he does.  Through the eons of cosmic mist in which the world and consciousness came into being, the last in man, a gradual awareness and appreciation dawned, especially in man.  Of all the tribes God picked the Hebrews (Not the Hopi, not the Zulus, and only lately the Romans).  Through the Hebrews He dealt with erring humankind, and finally sent them a Son.   Hence eternal life.

Words are symbols of what IS.  The Cosmo is, you are, life has a future.  I want that.

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