A Generation Like None

They were once the glory of the U.S. Catholic Schools, and the reason the U.S. could educate so many Catholics and Christians to make the U.S. Catholic School System the best parochial school system in the world.  People marveled that it was a first class competitor of the U.S. Public School System.    Who were they? They were the nuns and brothers who staffed these parochial schools.

They went their own way to God after Vatican II, the great change in the world-wide Catholic Church.  Most of them remained single, and many remained as public school teachers.  But they made a big impression on the U.S. population, and whether they were remembered with fondness or regret, they had taught millions of children to read and write and the basis of our Judeo-Christian morality.

I say hats off to that generation of teachers.  Their like will never be seen again, and they have affected our culture for the better.  America is something new, something great, because of them.

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