Communism and Evil

How did Russia become a Communist nation?  We were warned as early as 1917 in the apparitions at Fatima, and that very same year the Communist Party under Lenin made progress in Moscow.  The influence of one man!  We all have an impact.  Nobody grows old in a vacuum (empty space).

Each of us has some niche to fill, some role in the kingdom of God.  We know only a few handfuls of people, but through them we may reach a whole culture.  We are people of thought, action, prayer, communication, influence — who knows how far that may reach?

Be the best you can.  Oh, I know how hard it can be to fight human nature and the devil!  Why not take the easy way?  Sometimes the right path is an easy way, sometimes a hard way.  To each sensible person is given a way of figuring it out.

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