Judeo-Christian Kindness

This afternoon I saw an open display of kindness by a Purdue basketball player to a team mate.  Purdue was playing Villanova.  The Purdue player receiving the kindness I’ll call Purdue #1.  He is about 6’10” tall and he took a rebound under the Villanova basket, gave the ball a bounce, and went up for a two-handed slam-dunk.

He came down in the face of a Villanova player and started to emit a triumphal roar.  It seemed indiscreet (Purdue was ahead by about eight points).  He was poked from behind by Purdue #2, who asked a question, which immediately distracted #1 from his inappropriate display.  Thanks to #2, there was no need for #1 to be embarrassed.  That’s what I call Christian friendship.

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