Yes to LIfe

Yes to Life is psychiatrist Viktor Frankl’s latest book.  He became famous for his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, which he wrote in nine days following his release from Auschwitz.  He says in effect, “Don’t say I am going to eternal life; say instead yes to LIFE.”

Life is bigger than anything we’ve imagined, especially for Christians who have the promise of eternal life.  In the library, which Ben Franklin said is hard to do without, are many books on such wild things as quantum mechanics, the wildlife of the North Pole, the tribes of the Amazon who still eat human flesh.  This is just to give you some idea what the completeness of life on Earth entails.

Well, I’m giving you some fullness of life, which was the reason Christ said he came.  Enjoy Christmas and all the conjunctive celebrations of this, our civilization.

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