The Untamed

It is reported that North America is poorer by forty billion birds since 2005.  As an untrained observer, I say the starlings (a common, gray bird, native to England) are increasing on Long Island judging by the cloud-like flocks they form in the fall and winter.

So all is not dismal with the birds.  But I feel bad for the native North American and other birds I used to see, like the black-capped chickadee, the robin, the common wren, and one I haven’t seen in years, the blue bird.  Could our use of pesticides be making that large a dent?

We do need to leave more habitat for lovely birds like the bobolink, the blue Jay, the mourning dove.  And does the lawn need all that grub control, surface bug killer?  A lawn does not have to be perfect to make an aesthetic impact.  We’ve got to share planet Earth, lest it die.

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